Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Well Infans Solaris has now been released on PC and is available over at and as well as within the next few weeks. The Xbox Live version of the game is due out within the next 2 weeks. The Xbox port of the game has a few bugs that the XNA reviewer community seems to deem as unacceptable, bugs such as player 4 being unable to quit the game over screen. However the majority of these issues have now been taken care of and one last thing remains; upon purchasing the game from the trial version, the game crashes. This is a weird one since the purchase prompt is a simulated one since the game isn't actually available on the XBLA market place yet, so this issue could actually not appear when the game is fully release, none the less we're in the process of rectifying this anyway so the game will pass submission.

As this is getting done the rest of the studio have been working on the next game title that we've nicknamed "Freegun" as it will using free-running style controls similar to those used in N+ and Super Meat Boy but will focus on gun combat, ultimately playing out much like the PlayStation Network title, Crash Commando. However to mix this up a bit we're implementing RPG elements to the game, allowing players to select from a variety of different classes. These classes can also be leveled, enabling players to distribute points within the classes' "Spec Tree" that will in turn unlock new perks and abilities for that class much like trees in MMORPG's.

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