Sunday, 27 March 2011


Well Infans Solaris is very nearly done now, just a few very small things to do/fix, meaning we should have our gold build of the game by this Wednesday. However, we've realised that we have to allow up to a week after the game has been submitted to XBLA/Steam before it'll go on sell (provided it doesn't fail on any of the stuff on their checklist, which it shouldn't now), so the game's official release will have to be pushed back by a week. So with luck the game should be available on Xbox Live Arcade and Steam around the 6th of April with the mobile release being very soon after if not released on the same day as well.

There should be another, more recent, video of the Infans Solaris going live in the next couple of days showing off the updates to multiplayer, defense mode, sound and a few of the new weapons, so keep an eye out :D

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